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Mastering Faux Full Screen: A Simple Guide to Optimizing Window Displays in IGEL OS

Written by Jeff Long , IGEL COMMUNITY Insider

At the heart of the IGEL Community's innovation is the drive to simplify and secure the user interface, making it ideal for a variety of use cases from kiosk modes to focused workstations. One such ingenious development is the "Faux Full Screen" mode, which allows for the removal of all window elements to limit user interaction and enhance the user experience. Here’s how we achieve this streamlined look.

What is Faux Full Screen?

Faux Full Screen is a clever technique used to hide all traditional window elements like the title bar, frames, and control buttons (minimize, maximize, close). This functionality is particularly useful in environments where user control needs to be minimized or when a clean, distraction-free interface is required.

Implementing Faux Full Screen:

The implementation involves a few straightforward steps that ensure windows appear maximized without the usual window decorations, providing a seamless visual experience that mimics full screen:

  1. Remove Window Decorations: Utilize a Desktop Initialization Custom Command to strip away unwanted window elements. Here's the command we use: bash

  1. find "/usr/share/themes/" -type f \( -name "le*" -o -name "ri*" -o -name "to*" -o -name "bo*" -o -name "ma*" -o -name "cl*" -o -name "hi*" -o -name "ti*" \) -delete This command efficiently removes files related to window decorations, helping to achieve the desired faux full screen effect.

  2. Maximize Window via Tools: Tools like wmctrl or xdotool are then used to set the window to maximized state, ensuring that the application window uses the entire screen real estate without the clutter of window management controls.

  3. Practical Applications: We've utilized this setup to display two Firefox windows side-by-side in what appears to users as full screen mode. This configuration is ideal for information kiosks, digital signage, or any setup where information needs to be displayed without user interference.

Benefits and Usage:

The Faux Full Screen setup is not just about aesthetics; it's about functionality and security. By limiting the controls available to end-users, administrators can prevent unauthorized adjustments and maintain the integrity of the displayed content. It’s perfect for educational environments, public information displays, and any scenario where user restriction is necessary.


A huge thank you to the IGEL Community for continuously pushing the boundaries and finding innovative ways to enhance and secure the user environment. Your creativity and ingenuity never cease to amaze!


The content of this post is provided without any warranty or support by IGEL Technology. This information is derived from the IGEL Community, and not IGEL Technology. IGEL Technology will not provide any packages, instructions, or support for processes, scripts, or other content contained in this post. Use at your own risk!

Hope it works well, please let me know if you have some questions or comments!


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