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Latest News: App Portal and amazing new Features in 12.4

Written by Dennis van Dam , Senior Product Manager of Cloud Services

Dear IGEL Community,


We are excited to announce the release of IGEL Cloud Services version 12.4 today.This latest iteration of Cloud Services introduces the Unified Design System into the IGEL App Portal, this implementation not only impacts the Look and Feel but also the overall User Experience.


What changes can be expected with this release of IGEL Cloud Services 12.4?

Seamless Single Sign-On (SSO) with AWS Cognito

Last year we were forced to move our user directory from Azure to ServiceNow, which unfortunately impacted our air-gapped customers. They encountered difficulties signing in to the IGEL App Portal directly from their browsers.With the upcoming 12.4 deployment, we have good news! Our user directory will now reside in AWS Cognito. This change ensures that logging in from the same browser becomes seamless once again. Once you sign in, you won’t be bothered with repeated credential prompts. 


The App Portal now looks familiar to those who are used to work with the UMS WebApp, the grey/blue UI, rounded corners and similarity in menu styles will help identifying the App Portal as an IGEL product.

To switch themes, users can seamlessly switch between Light and Dark modes using a small button next to the Logon/Logoff option.

Minor UI changes

Besides the implementation of the Unified Design System, we’ve replaced the IGEL Logo and removed the word COSMOS from the App Portal description.

The Twitter nowadays is called X, therefore the icon in the App Portal Footer has also been replaced to reflect the current X logo. Legal compliance is essential. The link to our Terms and Conditions now directs users to the relevant landing page, where they can find cloud-related terms.We align with the other products by changing the versioning scheme, 12.4.x will be used in stead of 12.04.x.

Enhanced User Experience

Category List Placement

When using the old IGEL App Portal, customers had to click on a drop-down-menu to get to the Category list before filtering based on the available Categories.The team moved the full Category list to the Left side of the IGEL App Portal, making it permanently visible, accessing categories is now more intuitive and efficient.


Action Button for App Badges

We’ve introduced an Action button to the App Badges, allowing you to perform direct actions based on how you access the App Portal.

  • When accessing the App Portal from the UMS WebApp, the button shows “Import” (for App import).

  • If you’re coming from an operating system (OS), the button will display “Install.”

  • And if you’re using a web browser, you can directly download the latest version of the App.


Light/Dark Mode Preferences

When switching Themes, your preferred theme (Light or Dark mode) will now be stored locally on your device.Whether you refresh the page or completely close and reopen the App Portal, your chosen theme settings will be applied consistently. To switch between Light and Dark mode, simply click the option in the upper right corner of the App Portal.


New Favicon for Clarification

When working with different IGEL web pages, it could be confusing to the end user to identify what IGEL solution was active on which tab, commonly the tabs would show the same IGEL Favicon.

With this deployment we introduce a new Favicon that is visible on the web-browser tab, this way it is clear which tab contains the UMS WebApp and which one houses the App Portal.


We hope these enhancements significantly improve your experience with the IGEL App Portal. As always, your feedback is invaluable to us, so feel free to share any thoughts or suggestions.


A Big thanks to all involved for making this release possible!


All the best,


Your Product Management Team


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