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Welcome to the Custom Partition unofficial Store for IGEL OS.
Designed to help make IGEL Custom Partitions easier to create, deploy and use!  

Custom Partition Store

Microsoft Edge




Welcome to the IGEL Community Custom Partition Store. 


Community Custom Partitions are created and shared by IGEL Community members to better help in learning, creating, and deploying scripts, drivers, and applications to the IGEL OS via Custom Partitions. 

Custom Partitions on GitHub​

We are now storing the Custom Partition files and related documentation on the IGEL Community GitHub site. This will allow us many capabilities.  For example, the ability to collaborate, version, and easily update CPs, to name a few.  

You will not only have the ability to download premade Custom Partitions but also learn the finer details about each package and how to create your own IGEL Custom Partitions. 


Learn more and download all IGEL Community Custom Partitions on the IGEL Community GitHub pages!

Popular Templates

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Add all Network Printers


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