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Join the Fusion: DISRUPT 24 Community Lounge & Happy Hour with IGEL and ControlUp

Written by Sébastien Pérusat , IGEL COMMUNITY VP

Uniting Communities Under One Roof Prepare to be part of something big! IGEL and ControlUp are thrilled to invite you to our exclusive Community Lounge and Happy Hour at DISRUPT 24. This is your chance to dive into the latest trends, mingle with EUC experts, and hear directly from the innovators reshaping our industry.

Where Ideas Meet Opportunity In our special Community Lounge, you’ll find a hub of activity with IGEL and ControlUp enthusiasts ready to share their knowledge and excitement. Whether you’re a veteran of the EUC world or just starting out, our lounge is designed to be your home base to connect and learn throughout the event.

A Collaboration Hub The biggest names in EUC, including World of EUC and the Broadcom EUC Expert Program, will also be there, creating a vibrant space for brainstorming, collaboration, and forging new relationships. It’s where thought leaders and industry pioneers come together to shape the future of our field.

The Ultimate Warmup Party And what’s a gathering without a little fun? Before we dive into the main festivities, join us for a ‘warmup party’ on Tuesday, 30th from 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM. Located right at our venue, this Happy Hour features private cocktail bars, live music, and an atmosphere charged with anticipation and excitement. It’s the perfect prelude to the incredible programming we have in store for you!

Conclusion: Don’t Miss Out! DISRUPT 24 is the place to be for anyone passionate about the future of EUC. The biggest EUC Communities are calling – will you answer? Secure your spot here

and get ready for an unforgettable experience. We can’t wait to see you in Miami and kick off DISRUPT 24 with a bang!

Call to Action: Are you ready to elevate your EUC game and make lasting connections in the industry? Register now for DISRUPT 24 and join us for a night of networking, innovation, and fun. Let’s make waves together in the world of technology!


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