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Community Events

Planned IGEL Community Meetups

August 22nd - 11am ET / 5pm CET
Andreas Makowski (CISO) Security, Product Security and Preventative Security Model
Andreas Makowski will discuss the latest in security protocols, product security, and preventative security models. Discover the newest knowledge base resources designed to keep your IGEL environment secure. Sarah Wisskirchen will share the latest news on the new Knowledgebase.
• Introduction to new security models
• Detailed look at product security updates
• Presentation of the new Knowledge Base by Sarah
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August 27nd - 11am ET / 5pm CET
Disrupt News and Briefing for Disrupt in Munich / Roadshow with Carl Gersh

Carl Gersh will provide an update on the upcoming Disrupt event in Munich and the IGEL Roadshow. Learn what to expect and how to get involved.


  • Preview of Disrupt Munich

  • Highlights from the IGEL Roadshow

  • Engagement opportunities and Q&A

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Upcoming Meetups
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