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Getting Started Guides, Webinars, Meetups, Deep-Dives,
How-To Articles, White Papers, and much more to extend

your IGEL knowledge and help you support IGEL better! 

Community Training

Although the IGEL Community is not a training platform, we do create many great resources that will help you in your pursuit of learning and supporting IGEL products and solutions.
Please refer to the following resources to help you support IGEL better!

Getting Started Guides

Installing and Configuring IGEL Software has never been easier as when you follow the IGEL Community Step-by-Step Getting Started Guides! 

Get started fast, download and read the following Community Getting Started Guides: 

  • IGEL Software Suite - IGEL OS, ICG & UMS

  • Customizing the IGEL OS User Interface

  • IGEL OS Firmware Updates


Meetups and Videos

Stay up-to-date and learn something new about IGEL software and thin clients solutions. Sign up or watch our deep-dive meetups and/or webinars presented by IGEL experts from within and outside IGEL on the topics you need to know to deploy, manage, troubleshoot and support IGEL!  


How-To Articles

Looking for how to do something with IGEL software or hardware? Look no further, blowse our list of how-to resources written by IGEL engineers from around the world.  You will  for detailed information for IGEL OS, IGEL UMS, IGEL ICG, even technologies such as Microsoft Teams, plus many more. 


White Papers

Dive deep with white papers on IGEL and EUC related topics written by IGEL engineers from around the globe.  You will learn how-to deploy, config, and troubleshoot the technologies you are required to manage, plus much more.  Browse evergrowing list of white paper today!


IGEL Academy 

  • Formal training courses on IGEL products geared towards beginners and experienced users alike.

  • Access to IGEL’s Social Learning Center: This is where IGEL experts from around the globe can produce and post informal training videos on various specialized topics and will serve as a repository for useful recorded webinars and ad-hoc training.

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