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IGEL Software Getting Started Guide - UPDATED!

I'm happy to share with you the NEW and Updated IGEL Software Getting Started Guide! Follow the steps in this guide to learn how to install and configure IGEL OS, IGEL UMS, and IGEL Cloud Gateway (ICG), all screenshot-by-screenshot. In less than an hour, you will have the entire platform setup and running in your labs!

The following items were added and updated in this version:

  • Update to the latest IGEL OS, UMS, and ICG software versions

  • Added how to create a Chromium session section

  • Added how to create a Chromium Kiosk session section

  • Added how to install a CA Root Certificate on IGEL OS section

  • Added how to configure Citrix Access via Chromium section

  • Update all screenshots

  • Update broken KB links


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