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How to disconnect all Bluetooth devices at reboot/shutdown

Written by Berthold Rauchbauer , IGEL COMMUNITY MEMBER

One of my customers has asked for an approach to disconnect all BT devices if you click on Reboot/Shutdown button in the start menu.

Therefore Konstantin Fritzenwallner and I have built a profile + file drop combination which allows to do this.

The .zip file contains the Profile config with the required custom commands.

There are 2 lines added to modify the action of the reboot and shutdown button in start


sed -i 's:systemctl poweroff:/wfs/; systemctl poweroff:g' /sbin/soft_shutdown

sed -i 's:systemctl reboot:/wfs/; systemctl reboot:g' /sbin/soft_reboot

The file "" has to be transfered as "File" through the UMS into the /wfs directory with following credentials:

Download ZIP • 1.95MB
Download ZIP • 696B

Hope it works well, please let me know if you have some questions or comments!


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