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How to unpair all Bluetooth Devices on shutdown?

Written by Jack Hicks, IGEL Presales Engineer

We had a customer request, to unpair all Bluetooth Devices on shutdown of our IGEL OS 11.x Device and we tested for you several approaches.

In the end we found the right command to remove all bluetooth devices in

"bluetoothctl remove *".

I bundled my solution into a script file.

I was able to get this running as a custom application, and also as a post session command when exiting a Citrix session.

As a custom app set to AutoStart I had to add a 3 second delay to make this function correctly, as with no delay, it would kick in while the Bluetooth controller wasn't up yet and would crash Bluetooth completely

Download ZIP • 1KB

We hope it works well, please let us know.

Come to our IGEL Community if you have some questions or comments!


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