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How to Install Microsoft Teams on IGEL OS 11

Written by Barry Browne

Right now it seems that everyone is talking about Microsoft Teams, and how it is poised to be a Slack killer. It kind of makes sense, as most enterprise customers are leveraging Office 365, or plan to leverage Office 365 in the future. This means that they are already (or will soon be) licensed for Microsoft Teams. With that being said, it no longer makes sense for organizations to shell out money for Slack when Microsoft Teams is “free”.

  • That’s great and all, but Microsoft Teams is a Windows app, so what has that go to do with IGEL OS? Well, with relatively new leadership within Microsoft, Linux is now a supported OS for some crucial enterprise applications (SQL for one!), including Microsoft Teams. So - how do get the application running on IGEL OS v11?

  • An Enterprise license for IGEL OS also called the Enterprise Management Pack (EMP). The reason that you need this is, so we can access the Custom Partition (CP) functionality of the IGEL operating system. There is a pretty strong rumor (not sure if it has been confirmed), that CP will no longer require an Enterprise Management Pack in IGEL OS v11.04 (due out before May 2020). This is big news. EDIT - custom partitions are now available in IGEL firmware 11.3.500.

The actual Microsoft Teams application for IGEL Linux. This is available to all customers who have an active support agreement with IGEL. To get the package, reach out to an IGEL sales representative to make a request to have a Custom Partition built. Read the entire article here.


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