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How to Customize Conky in IGEL OS

Written by Wes Dobry, IGEL Sr. Presales Engineer, Enterprise South East

Recently, IGEL Senior Engineer, Wes Dobry, shared an article on his blog detailing how to customize the new Conky feature found in IGEL OS 10.06.

"Conky Introduction

With the release of IGEL OS 11.06.100 on September 22nd, 2021, there were a large number of other highly sought-after features. You can read all about them from the release notes available at

Included with IGEL OS 11.06.100, one of the most popular custom partitions that is regularly used in IGEL POCs and within customer environments was added into the OS. Conky (Wikipedia article here) is a utility that allows you to put a vast amount of information dynamically onto the desktop of a Linux device. It’s very similar to a utility used in many Microsoft Windows environments called Bginfo (from Microsoft)."

This is a great article that dives into this widely desired and really cool new feature of IGEL OS. Please read Wes' complete article here:


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