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How to configure a Siemens basic touch display

Written by Florian Astenwald , IGEL COMMUNITY Member

I had a problem with Siemens Touch Basic Displays and wanted to share the solution how we solved the issue.

As touch driver I used eGalax. With this driver the device can be operated via touch, but unfortunately some functions were missing.

  • Scrolling does not work

  • Pinch to Zoom does not work

  • On-screen keyboard opens at the first try only the 2nd time, if you press the corresponding button.

  • On-screen keyboard does not open when typing in an input field of Chromium.

We used Chromium as our main application and I tried some Chromium parameters unfortunately without success.

We created a custom application and run a script that looks for the Touchscreen ID and uses that ID to launch the chromium-browser:

This is the script we are using:

First you have to know witch touch driver you are using, in our case eGalaxTouch

With this solution you can scroll, but pinch to zoom is not possible.


SCREEN=`xinput list | awk '/eGalaxTouch/ { gsub(".*id=",""); print $1 }'`

exec chromium-browser --touch-devices=$SCREEN

For the onscreen keyboard we installed a chromium extension.

I hope this is helping others, that faced the same problem.

Read more here:


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