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How to Boot an IGEL UD Pocket on a MacBook Pro, MacBook Air or Mac Mini

Written by: Lars Glöckner, Senior Solutions Architect EMEA at IGEL

Below is a guide to change the configuration on devices such as Mac mini, MacBook Air 2018, MacBook Pro to enable the UD Pocket to boot:

Until now, Linux was comparatively easy to use on the Mac Mini due to the missing touchpad, keyboards and only one GPU. With the new generation, which also relies on Apple's T2 security chip, this is no longer easily possible for less experienced users. The new Mac Mini, like the MacBook Air 2018, the current MacBook Pro generation and the iMac Pro, can no longer boot Linux, as Apple's T2 chip verifies every step of the boot process with crypto keys that are signed by Apple have to. Normally, Microsoft Windows cannot be operated on the current hardware generation from Apple unless the Windows Production CA 2011 certificate, which authenticates the Microsoft boot loader, is installed via the Apple Boot Camp Assistant To be able to use Boot Camp on MacOS devices. However, this does not activate the Microsoft Corporation UEFI CA 2011 certificate, which allows the verification of code from Microsoft partners and is also used for the signing of Linux distributions in order to support UEFI SecureBoot from Windows Enable PCs.

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