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Announcing the IGEL Community Custom Partitions Templates Store

By popular demand, we are very excited to announce the IGEL Community Custom Partitions Templates Store!

The idea is simple; help make building and deploying Custom Partitions easier by sharing working templates.

What are IGEL Custom Partitions?

The IGEL OS is a Linux operating system based on the Ubuntu Linux distribution, but using a mainline kernel for maximum hardware compatibility and flexibility. Properly deployed, IGEL OS is locked down to the configurations and applications defined via UMS Profiles. The Custom Partitions feature allows you to implement custom scripts, apps, or other files to one or a group of devices running the IGEL OS.​

Typical use-cases might include deploying Google Chrome, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or a Linux version of a line of business application. As an example, IGEL has a retail industry customer who installs their POS software directly to the IGEL OS resulting in a fully centralized solution for implementing and maintaining their devices anywhere, quickly. Everything runs locally.

What are Custom Partition Templates?

Simply put, Community Custom Partition templates are working custom partitions with the propitiatory app binaries removed to comply with 3rd-party licensing requirements. We do not have the right to distribute apps, so we strip them out and leave the IGEL specific configuration files. In theory, all you need to do is legally obtain the app files and copy them to the Custom Partition package. Though other configuration changes might be required due to possible changes since the template was created, you may need to change a few entries in the config files. For example, some templates were created for older IGEL OS Builds and might defer in their structure from IGEL OS 11. Please refer to the README for more information on how to deploy Community Custom Partition templates.

If you have any questions about the Custom Partition templates, you can post them to the #igel-custom-partitions channel on the Community Slack channel.

IMPORTANT! Custom Partition templates come without any warranty and NO support by IGEL. Please read the DISCLAIMER.


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