Custom Partitions - README

The provided packages are for use with the IGEL OS Custom Partition feature and come without any warranty and no support by IGEL Technology.

How to Install and Configure IGEL OS Custom Partitions

IGEL custom partitions are delivered as a zip archive. The archive has the following content:

  • igel - folder containing patches and UMS profiles

  • target - folder containing Custom Partition (inf and tar.bz2 files)

  • disclaimer.txt - disclaimer note

  • readme.txt - Short Installation guide

Steps to deploy the Custom Partition

  1. Copy the contents of the folder target into the ums_filetransfer folder on the UMS Server e.g ProgrammFolder\IGEL\RemoteManager\rmguiserver\webapps\ums_filetransfer

  2. Check the accessibility of the data using Internet browser. (e.g: https://<ums-server>:8443/ums_filetransfer/yourcp.inf

  3. Import the profile ( into the UMS via: System > Import > Import Profiles. The imported profile should now appear in UMS under Profiles.

  4. Edit the profile and adopt the settings according to your environment under System > Firmware Customization > Custom Partition > Download

a)    https://<ums-server>:8443/ums_filetransfer/yourcp.inf
b)    Username: <ums-username> 
c)    Password: <ums-password>

You can find further information at and the #igel-custom-partitions channel in the IGEL Community.

Use at Your Own Risk!