Custom Partitions - Disclaimer

The provided Custom Partition templates are for use with the IGEL OS Custom Partition without any warranty and no support by IGEL Technology.

IGEL supports installing a custom partition's package on IGEL OS, but the building and

operation of the software in the package is up to the customer and NOT SUPPORTED. Also, if

the integrity of the IGEL OS it affected/corrupted by your custom partition, IGEL can't be held


IGEL Technology is not responsible for any license violation created with the custom partition

technology or the provided technical demonstration packages.

The custom partition technology can create permanent damage in the IGEL OS host system,

services due to the wrong usage, installation, and/or configuration of a custom partition. The

deployed packages are not covered by the warranty in any kind and/or supported by IGEL


You may not receive support as long the custom partition is used on a system. To avoid conflicts,

please reset the device to factory defaults before opening a support call.

All packages are designed as technology demonstration samples!

Use at Your Own Risk!