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Customizing the IGEL OS User Interface

Step-by-Step Guide

Steve Jobs once said that Apple is like a Porsche and that everyone wants to buy and drive a Porsche, but a 10-year-old used Chevy gets you from point A to point B in the same legal amount of time. Design matters. 

IGEL agrees! Design does matter, but unlike the amazing designs Apple has given us, IGEL believes that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and IT should have the flexibility and control to design their user’s experience the way they see fit.


With the IGEL UMS and IGEL OS, you have that ability, as almost everything a user sees can be customized. 

In this step-by-step guide, you will learn how to customize the IGEL OS look and feel and even lock it down a bit. 

IGEL OS Customization Guide Cover.png

*based on: UMS 6.01.100 - IGEL OS 11.01.100

Table of Contents

Previous Versions

  • Customizing the IGEL OS Look and Fee

  • How to Customize the Start Button

  • How to Customize the Start Menu Icon

  • How to Customize the Desktop Wallpaper

  • How to Customize UI Theme Colors

  • How to Customize the Screensaver

  • How to Customize the Bootsplash Image

  • How to Customize Session Icons

  • How to Lockdown the IGEL OS


  • How to Import Project Customizations

  • Files Explained

*based on: UMS 5.09.120 - IGEL OS 10.05.500

*based on: UMS 5.09.120 - IGEL OS 10.05.500


Additional Getting Started Guides

IGEL Step-by-Step Getting Started Guide.

*based on: UMS 6.06.110 - IGEL OS 11.04.270 - ICG 2.02.110

IGEL OS(RPI4) for NComputing RX420(IGEL)

*based on: IGEL OS (RPI4) 11.01.100


*based on: UMS 5.09.120 - IGEL OS 10.05.500 - ICG 1.04.110


*based on: IGEL OS 11.05.120

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