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IGEL Community May 2020 Meetup - Q&A with IGEL's PM Head, plus Custom Partitions & Troubleshooting

Special thanks to everyone who attended, left questions and/or comments, and to our two amazing speakers, Christian Werner and Sebastien Perusat.

Watch the IGEL Community May Meetup here. Not a Community member? Join to watch.

Christian Werner, Manager of Product Management, shares the tech future of IGEL and Sebastien Perusat dives deep into IGEL troubleshooting and custom partitions! Download the IGEL OS Cheatsheet at: https://www.igelcommunity.com/post/igel-os-linux-commands-cheatsheet As one attendee wrote in the comments, "Mind Blown"... This was truly a wonderful event! We hope you like it. Please stay tuned to the "Events" page for future IGEL Community Meetups and events.

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