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IGEL OS Linux Commands Cheatsheet

For all those command-line junkies out there, we have a guide for you. IGEL's Sebastien Perusat, Senior Presales Enterprise Engineer, created an IGEL OS Cheatsheet that consists of an exhaustive list of Linux commands used to help manage the IGEL OS and UMS.

The IGEL OS Cheatsheet covers areas such as:

  • General Linux commands

  • General networking

  • Linux pipes

  • Important folders

  • Hardware related

  • Smart Card related

  • Active Directory related

  • Important files in the /wfs directory

  • IGEL related configuration commands

  • IGEL related firmware update commands

  • IGEL related custom partition commands

  • IGEL related Universal Management Suite (UMS) commands

  • Network Ethernet / WIFI related commands

  • Useful keyboard shortcuts

  • New commands you might not already know

This list supports IGEL OS 10 and IGEL OS 11.

Learn more and download the IGEL OS Cheatsheet inside the community here.

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