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Deploy Linux OS with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2012 SP1 White Paper

People ask me about OS deployment as it’s not supported, but still you can kind of do it.

Think of this, you have Windows PE and the ability to run commands in a task sequence. So if you have the tools you can do anything you want. SCCM does it in the same way With .wim files, it’s all about the Tools like dism or imagex. Regarding Linux i’ve tested two scenarios.

  1. Distribute a Linux Live ISO: Most Linux distributions allows you to run a Live OS from a DVD, for troubleshooting or trial of the operating system. With the Bootloader Grub4Dos you can boot from ISO files. So, the only thing you must do is install this bootloader while in windows pe, copy the Live ISO to your local drive and configure boot loader to boot from it. Reboot to local disk and your Linux Live OS will be loaded.

  2. Deploy an image: In Linux you can use DD to create an image of your hard drive. There also is a DD version for DOS. So, you can create a valid image of your Linux installation and deploy it with SCCM. Please read more on dd here:

Learn more and download the Microsoft WVD on IGEL Quickstart Guide v1.0 inside the community here.

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