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Windows Virtual Desktop & Microsoft 365 - Finding the Missing Piece - On-Demand Webinar

About Webinar 

The future of virtual desktops & apps have sometimes seemed foggy and uncertain, but no more. With the introduction of Windows Virtual Desktop, Microsoft have clearly stated that it is not only a tool - it's an essential part of the Microsoft 365 & Azure eco-system. This IGEL Community webinar will explain what WVD is and how it fits into the Modern Workplace story - as well as give attendees an introduction to it and showcase how to connect to and use it in a productive and disruptive way.

About Simon Binder Simon Binder is a Microsoft Enterprise Mobility MVP-and Principal Solutions Architect, Digital Workplace, ATEA. In his role, Simon gets the opportunity to work both with workplace architecture as well as in technical sales regardless of technology – but with a strong Microsoft focus. He likes to call himself a Technical Evangelist and he absolutely loves to be challenged and inspire colleagues, customers and the community in general. His goal is to empower every person to be both productive and happy at work — regardless of where it is at any particular moment. Simon Binder holds several Microsoft certifications, works as a P-Seller with Microsoft and is proud to call himself MCT. He has always been a tech-guy, and always ensures to be up to date – with hands-on experience — and finds that it’s more important than ever to look outside the Microsoft-sphere, even if it feels scary sometimes.


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