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What's New in the IGEL Software Suite 2019 - On-Demand Webinar

About Webinar 

In 2019 IGEL overhauled how it offers software with the goal of giving customers total control over when, where and how to deploy devices while drastically simplifying the purchasing process and adding enterprise-class support. The result is a pure software-defined offering that allows customers to easily assign licenses to any compatible x86 devices from the cloud and roam their licensed assets as needed to fit their environment. It also leaves you with a peace-of-mind that if there is a problem IGEL Support will be right there with you.

Please join Dan O'Farrell, Product Marketing Sr. Director and Douglas Brown, Global Technology Evangelist for this IGEL Community deep dive into what’s new and how this affects you.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

•    Why •    IGEL’s new product structure explained:     ⁃    IGEL Workspace Edition     ⁃    Enterprise Management Pack     ⁃    New Software Maintenance and Support •    How you will benefit •    Q & A


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