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Users Unable to Connect to WiFi from IGEL Devices

IGEL Support has started tracking an issue that seems to be spreading. Last week, we began receiving reports from home users suddenly unable to connect to their home WiFi from IGEL devices that were working but suddenly couldn't connect.

So far, it's all the same symptoms, with no change to IGEL suddenly the device hangs at authenticating to the wireless network until it times out and fails.

Looking at the journal logs, it looks like the devices are not receiving an appropriate response from the router and disconnect.

In journal logs, we see the below entries repeatedly as it tries to reconnect, and the user will be prompted to enter a password again.

Sanitized Logging information

The Wireless NICs and endpoint models are all unique. The only thing in common with the device so far is that they are all cable providers (Rogers and Comcast's Xfinity) using what looks to be the same management software for their Gateways.


  • Gateway: Easy Connect 21753 (TG3482ER3)


  • Gateway: Technicolor CGM4140COM

  • Software: GCM4140COM_4.6p7s1_PROD_sey

I wanted to see if anyone else is experiencing this and give a heads up that it may come your way.

If you are experiencing this issue, please read more on the 'Users Unable to connect to WiFi from IGEL Devices' thread in the IGEL Community. Not a member? Join Today!


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