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The NEW IGEL UD7 for IGEL OS Explained - Podcast

Douglas Brown interviews Michail Maridakis, Product Manager, and Catherine Gallagher, Product Marketing Manager. Catherine, Michail, and Douglas discuss the new IGEL UD7 hardware for IGEL OS, what news, how it compares to the previous UD6 and UD7 models, some tech specs, use cases, and much more!

About IGEL UD7 - The High-Performance Endpoint Device for Cloud Workspaces

Combined with IGEL OS, transform any graphics-intensive application and task into an immersive, high-fidelity digital experience across four 4K displays

IGEL software is platform-independent and runs on any compatible x86-64 device, including desktop PCs, laptops, tablets, and thin clients. IGEL endpoints deliver high security and optimal performance with a familiar, trouble-free experience for those wishing to pair IGEL software with world-class hardware. IGEL’s hardware devices are designed to serve as ideal endpoints for a vast range of use cases, from basic web access and office applications as classic “thin clients” to cloud workspaces platforms for the most demanding engineering and design workloads.

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