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Script to Harden an Ubuntu Server for an IGEL ICG Installation

Written by: Ron Neher, Solutions Architect, Systems Integrators at IGEL

Important! DO NOT take this script and blindly run on an Existing ICG!!! This script is not officially supported by IGEL support!

The following script will update and configure a FRESHLY installed version of Ubuntu Server 18.04 / 20.04 to be hardened for IGEL ICG installation.

Items installed/configured include:

  • Prepped for a IGEL ICG install

  • Time service (chrony)

  • OpenSSH

  • UFW Firewall

  • Fail2ban Automatic Banning

  • Rootkit Hunter (Rkhunter)

  • Port Knocking (Knockd) -- Note: install knock client on PC

  • ClamAV -- open source anti-virus engine

Note: If you try to run on an existing system, some of the commands, such as sed and cp, may not work as expected. Beware!

Learn more, ask questions, and download the 'Harden an Ubuntu Server for an IGEL ICG Installation' script inside the community here. Not already a member? Join here!

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