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PSIGEL v0.10.0 Released

Falk Heiland has released PSIGEL v0,10.0! PSIGEL is a PowerShell module that makes use of the REST API provided by the IGEL Management Interface (IMI).

The IGEL Management Interface (IMI) enables you to connect UMS to systems management tools. It is a programming interface that can create and delete thin clients, move them between directories, reboot them and much more. Its implementation as a REST API makes IMI agnostic of hardware platforms, operating systems and programming languages, thus ensuring maximum interoperability.

What’s new in v0.10.0:


  • cross platform support (Windows, Linux, MacOS) -> see attached gif

  • support for Powershell 7

  • Remove-UMSAPICookie

  • Site, Department, CostCenter, AssetID, InServiceDate and SerialNumber to Get-UMSDevice -Filter details

  • support for Datatype Version in Get-UMSFirmware, Get-UMSStatus

  • Get-UMSDirectoryRecursive


  • set minimum Powershell Requirement for the module to 5.1

  • SerialNumber Length to 18


  • reset / update empty values of devices


  • remove *-OS* functions

Learn more and download at:


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