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PowerShell Script to Export Hardware List from IGEL License Portal

Written by IGEL Community Member, Markus Kachel

There is currently no way to export a list of devices from the IGEL License Portal directly. Thus, Markus Kache wrote a small Windows PowerShell Script to extract a list of hardware devices from the License file and save it as a CSV file.

To download your license files from the IGEL License Portal to a folder, save the attached PowerShell script to the same folder, open a PowerShell box in that folder and save it with the filename of your license file:

.\IGEL-Lic2Csv.ps1 filename.lic

It will create a new file with the same filename but CSV as an extension in the same folder.

$InFileName = $args[0]

$OutFileName = $InFileName.Substring(0,$InFileName.LastIndexOf('.')) + ".csv"

[xml]$InFileData = "<lic>" + $(Get-Content "$InFileName") + "</lic>"

$InFileData.lic.license.hardware.ChildNodes | Export-Csv "$OutFileName" -NoTypeInformation -Delimiter:";"


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