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NEW Deep-Dive Tech Video - UMS Profiles Like a Pro

I'm very excited to announce the first of many deep-dive technical videos presented by IGEL Community FELLOW and all around IGEL Expert Sebastien Perusat. Our goal for these deep-dive tech videos is to find the important tech areas of the IGEL software solution to create short 'how to' videos to teach you 'how the pros do it'. Stay tuned, this is the first of many to come....

For our first video, Sebastien teaches you how to add sessions, custom partitions, and IGEL OS configurations the way he does it. Profiles can be more than you expect. There is a lot to them and many possibilities.

In this video, Sebastien will teach you how to:

  • Compare Profiles

  • Access the Registry

  • Find corresponding Registry Settings

  • Use the Expert mode of your profiles

  • Export / Import Profiles

  • Copy / Paste Profiles

  • Update the Profiles Firmware version

If you have suggestions for tech topics you would like us to dive-deep, please let us know. email us at


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