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IGEL Software – Now With the Security and Performance of the PCoIP Protocol - On-Demand Webinar

About Webinar 

Did you hear about the latest Teradici-IGEL Collaboration?

As recently announced, Teradici and IGEL are working together to offer IGEL thin client customers a solution to connect to Amazon WorkSpaces – or any of the major public clouds like AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure - with the security and performance of PCoIP.

Teradici and IGEL are hosting an upcoming IGEL Community webinar where you'll learn more about the PCoIP protocol, and how it compares to the other protocols on the market.

Webinar Speakers:

  • Arjen Van Der Meulen, Director Product Management, Teradici

  • Douglas Brown, Global Technology Evangelist, IGEL Technology

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