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IGEL Listens - NEW IGEL Feature Proposals Board!

I'm thrilled to announce the new IGEL Technology - Feature Proposals Board!

The world moves pretty fast - at IGEL, we pride ourselves on delivering features and updates as quickly as possible. Whether you are a partner or customer, you now have the opportunity to assist us in understanding what features and functionality you want and directly influence the future of IGEL solutions.

On the Feature Proposals Board, you will not only have the ability to share your feature proposals, but you can vote for existing items. This will help us understand which suggestions are essential to you. These upvotes truly help!

IGEL Community's Sébastien Pérusat will manage this board daily and work with the IGEL Project Management team to review the proposals and provide you with feedback. We are committed to this, and we could not be happier!

Note: The Feature Proposals Board does not replace the existing process of feature requests via IGEL Sales, nor is it an alternative to opening a support ticket if the proposal is related to an issue.

Have a look, share your ideas, and vote on the existing proposals here.


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