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IGEL is Proud to Announce the 2020 Inaugural IGEL INSIDER Award Winners!

IGEL Community Awards recognize the top IGEL Community members who have selflessly raised the bar through their contributions to others and community leadership. We Salute You!


The IGEL INSIDER is awarded to top community contributors who have gone above and beyond to help their fellow community members and IGEL through active participation by sharing their real-world expertise and experiences with others worldwide.

Please raise your glass to the Inaugural INSIDER Class of 2020!

Award Winner

Christopher Bates

Carl Behrent

Leon Beitsch

Anthony Bell

Sven Berg

René Bigler

Manoj Biswal

Barry Browne

Nick Burton

Ruiny Chalus

Randel Cruse

Stuart Donnelson

Henk Jan Eiten

David Faynor

Jo Freund

Lars Glöckner

Jeremy Gove

Michael Greear

Jeremy Green

Julian Jakob

Guido Jakobs

Udo Jetschmanegg

Tobias Lienhard

Josh Locher

Daniel Messer

Ron Neher

Nick Panaccio

Giacomo Perucchini

Sébastien Pérusat

Jonathan Pitre

David Prows

René Recker

Mike Ryan

Marius Schäfer

Nicholas Scheetz

Eike Schwöppe

David Seeber

Zachary Sholar

Daniel Ugarte

Giovanni Valeno Svette

Carl Webster

Ike Hedgehog Wisskirchen

Sarah Wisskirchen

Markus Zehnle

Marco Zimmermann

Learn more about the IGEL INSIDER Award and our winners, visit IGEL INSIDER Award Web Page here.


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