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IGEL & IGEL Community Technical Links and Resources

Keeping up with all the great resources IGEL and the IGEL Community have can be a daunting task. Of course, we have our Community Tech Monthly, which is an excellent resource for keeping up with the past month's tech info, but what if you are looking for where we store white papers, how to download trial software, upcoming tech events, top community how-to articles, our recent community on-demand videos, etc.? Where can you turn to find a simple list of those critical links and resources?

Recently, one of our IGEL Community members had the great idea of creating such a list of the important technical links you might need as an IGEL customer, partner, or someone wanting to learn more technically about IGEL. What a great idea!

Have no fear! The IGEL Community Links and Resources Page is here!

This resource is broken down into the following sections:

  • Official IGEL Resources

  • IGEL Community Resources

  • Software Downloads

  • Hardware Compatibility

  • Training

  • Videos & Podcasts

  • Development

  • Events

  • Getting Started Guides

We will be adding to this page as we find new resources, feel free to check back often. If you find we are missing an important link, please let me know. Please email us at

Learn more, visit and bookmark the IGEL Links and Resources page today!


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