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IGEL Custom Partitions - White Paper

Written by: Jonathan Culver, Enterprise Presales Engineers at IGEL Technology

The IGEL Operating System (OS)has a pre-defined set of installed software applications. In some cases, it may be necessary to install additional software applications, for example, the latest unified communications applications, special browser versions, or plug-ins.

The Custom Partition (CP) mechanism enables you to provide additional software applications or other files into the IGEL Operating System, while still being able to update the IGEL OS endpoints in the usual way. There may be an existing CP available from IGEL, or a CP may need to be created. Please contact IGEL to request an additional application or existing CP.

**If you would like to build your own Custom Partition, please ensure that you have redistribution permission for the software application. This is usually the case for Open Source / Free Software, but not for proprietary software. Read license agreements. **

All Custom Partition packages are designed as technical demonstration samples!

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