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IGEL Community Reaches 4000 Members!

We are touched to announce the IGEL Community has recached the 4000-member mark!

When we started this community, our goal was 1000 members, some smiled, some wished us luck, some laughed, some #Believed, but we knew we could do it. Two and a half years later, to think we have 4000 members leaves us beyond words. What a fantastic place the IGEL Community has become, and it is truly filled with some of the best, smartest, most helpful, kind, and fun folks in the EUC space.

Our goal was to create a place where we can exchange knowledge, network, and share our love for IGEL products and solutions. Now we can firmly say we have accomplished this task.

A few interesting stats to share with you!

4000th Member is Josh Ledford!

Total number of days active = 945

Total number of members = 4000 ;)

Total number of messages posted = 127,499

Total unique companies = 2,740

Total countries = 78

Of course, we must thank so many fine folks for being such a massive part of the IGEL Community! Too many names to list, so we apologize. The 4000 know who you are; you ARE the core of the community. We all thank you, dearly!

We raise our glasses and bow our heads in thanks to the 4000! Here's to the future! We are just warming up for the dance! :)


Douglas Brown & Sebastien Perusat


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