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IGEL Community July 2021 Meetup - User eXperience, IGEL OS to Protocol & How IGEL Manages Security

Watch the IGEL Community July 2021 Meetup for two lively tech sessions.

Our first session teaches you "How to enhance the User eXperience, from IGEL OS to Remoting Protocol," presented by Rody Kossen, Citrix CTP, NVIDIA NGCA Nutanix NTC.

For our second session, IGEL's Chief Information Security Officer, Andreas Makowski, the efforts made to pursue IGEL's security goals and to fulfill the needs of the customers:

Andreas discusses:

  • Information Security Strategy: Goals, Resources, and Milestones

  • Protecting our customer's business: Managing Requirements, Threats and Security Challenges

  • Take a look ahead: IGEL's Security Expansion

If you liked this webinar, please view our list of upcoming webinars and meetups on the IGEL Community Tech Events page!

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