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IGEL Best Practices: USB Redirection

The IGEL Customer Success team has seen a large influx of questions around USB redirection so IGEL's Christopher Bates put together a Best Practice guide around USB redirection in case anyone here is having trouble with it.

Document Purpose:

In general, USB Redirection is not needed for standard functionality such as; audio, video, HID input, etc. However , in some special circumstances a device may need to be redirected into a VDI session for full functionality , or if it requires a specific driver to function.

Use USB redirection as sparingly as possible, and only when absolutely required.

In this document, we will define the best practices for using USB redirection in a VDI environment, and go through the process with an example.

Learn more and download the "IGEL Best Practices: USB Redirection White Paper" inside the community here.

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