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How to View Which Windows RDSH Server IGEL OS Users are Connected?

Written by: Lars Glöckner, Senior Solutions Architect EMEA at IGEL Technology

Recently in the IGEL Community, Lars Glöckner shared a custom script and IGEL UMS Profile that allows a help desk to view, via the IGEL UMS or UMS Web App, the servers that established Windows Server RDSH (2012, 2016, 2019) connections to IGEL OS devices.

"My customer wanted to see inside the UMS, to which RDSH (Windows Server 2019) the device is connected. With this command, a little script is executed every 10 minutes, and you can see inside the UMS to which RDSH the device is connected. The additional point is: you can see if someone is working on that device."

Learn more, download the script, UMS Profile and comment on the 'How to View Which Windows Server RDSH IGEL OS Users are Connected?' thread inside the IGEL Community. Not a member? Join Today!


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