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How to: use and understand Dynamic Variables in IGEL OS

Written by Milan Potrok , IGEL COMMUNITY INSIDER

I didn't find too much detail for using UMS environment variables. Specifically using Environment Variables: Additional (aka Dynamic Variables) and how they land on the endpoint OS.

I had some frustrating moments while attempting to use these, sometimes with strange results. I put together my testing in this screenshot, partially as a reminder to myself, but more so to help others that might be looking to use these. From my observations there are a few pitfalls (test in 11.08.236):

  1. Avoid wrapping entire value in double-quotes - the "variable export process" considers this invalid

  2. Avoid unbalanced double-quotes / double-quotes at the beginning of the value. After more consideration, it’s probably does not care about quote balancing, but rather that the value was wrapped in double-quotes (see 1.)

  3. If you need to have a double-quote at the beginning of your value, wrap the entire value in single-quotes

  4. If the value is wrapped in single-quotes, they will be stripped off once they make it to the OS.

  5. Check syslog for "set-custom-environment" if you don't see the variables as you'd planned.

  6. Use printenv to confirm the variable made it to the OS!

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