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How to Setup an IGEL Lab in a Sandbox Environment - White Paper

In the following white paper, written by Ron Neher, Solutions Architect, Systems Integrators at IGEL, you will learn how to create a Virtual Box lab environment running IGEL OS, IGEL UMS, and optionally an IGEL Cloud Gateway (ICG) and pfSense firewall.

If you are new to IGEL or wanting to test our software to see if it is suitable for your environment, this paper is an excellent reference for help you get started with setting up a lab environment. Also, check out the IGEL Software Getting Started guide for detailed step-by-step on installing the Software Suite

Summary Of Steps To Create Lab Sandbox Environment:

  • Setup the PC file system

  • Install Virtual Box

  • Install Linux and Windows virtual machines

  • Install UMS on Linux (Ubuntu 18.04)

  • Install UMS console on Windows

  • Create IGEL OS clients

  • Optional install ICG from UMS (ICG runs on Linux (Ubuntu 18.04))

  • Optional – Advanced – Setting up a firewall with pfSense (ICG UMS)

Download and read the 'How to Setup an IGEL Lab in a Sandbox Environment' white paper inside the community here. Not already a member? Join here!

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