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How to set the IGEL OS IP Address to the Last Known IP Reported to the IGEL UMS

Script written by Falk Heiland, IGEL INSIDER

In the IGEL Community on Slack, we were recently asked, "Is there any way to edit the device IP? We have some devices temporarily going to a different network and would like to manually update the IP in UMS."

The problem continues, "What I am looking for is an employee moves the device to a completely different network that does not share DNS. What I noticed is that if I trick the "Last IP" to be the same as the new destination, UMS sees it as there is routing between the networks. However, if it has a different IP and I don't "Preload" it with something on the new network, it never sees it."

No problem, we can fix this.

The following script, written by IGEL Community INSIDER, Falk Heiland, sets the IP address to the last known IP reported to the IGEL UMS using Powershell and Falk's PSIGEL PowerShell mod.

Read the complete 'Script to set the IGEL OS IP Address to the IGEL OS Devices' Last IP in the UMS' thread in the IGEL Community for more information and download Falk's PowerShell script. Not a member? Join Today!


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