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How to Restrict Firefox to a List of Designated URLs?

One of my favorite parts about the IGEL Community and any community is people helping people. Someone asks a question, maybe not even relating to IGEL itself but an associated technology. Many fine folks jump in to give their suggestions. Recently I saw just this in the IGEL Community, and the solution is so fantastic and helpful; I wanted to share it with all of you!

Joseph Masone, asked the question:

"Aside from modifying hosts files, is there a way to allow only a list of URLs we designate via the Firefox browser? We tried setting up a local HTTP proxy. However, that can be bypassed by simply typing HTTPS in the URL. We also tried restricting all the navigation menus/toolbars; however, one of the sites we need to allow access to has links that can leverage to access other unwanted sites."

After a few back and forths with other community members, Joesph answered his question and shared it with all of us! This is just great!

I must confess, his solution is quite articulate:

"Came up with the below command that modifies the Firefox policies.json. I'm running in "Before Desktop Start". Initial testing looks good!sed -i '/"policies"/a "WebsiteFilter": {\n"Block": ["<all_urls>"], \n"Exceptions": ["*://*"]},' services/fbrw/firefox/distribution/policies.json"

You can view the entire thread inside the IGEL Community here.

Again, this is what I love about communities, people helping people, sharing ideas, sharing solutions, and just being helpful and kind. It's the finest attribute of the human race!

Thank you, Joseph! Thank you to all the fine IGEL Community members! Together we are better, and together we have created the BEST tech community in the EUC space, by far!

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