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How to remove profiles from a view automatically

Written by Markus Kachel , IGEL COMMUNITY VIP

In the UMS you can automatically assign profiles to devices in a certain view but there is no way to remove profiles from a view automatically.

This PowerShell script removes certain profiles from devices using the IGEL Management Interface (IMI) and builds on Falk Heilands PSIGEL PowerShell module ( create a user in the UMS and assign sufficient rights for it to remove profiles from devices.

Then put the information in the settings part of the script and start it.

On the first run, it will ask for the password of the user you created in the UMS for this. The profiles to remove are defined as a comma-separated list of the profile IDs.

The profile will be removed from ALL devices it is assigned to if you do not adjust the code to do some additional filtering. You get the ID of a profile by hovering the mouse over it and a popup shows up (see screenshot).

I did chose to use the ID instead of the name because the ID is unique and I did not have to write some logic to get the ID for a certain profile.

If you have questions just come to the IGEL Community and leave a comment.

Read more here:

Download ZIP • 2KB


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