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How to Refresh License Information in the IGEL UMS After Renewing Licenses

Written by David Seeber, IGEL INSIDER

A quick tip for IGEL administrators who may run into this or have done in the past:

If you have some IGEL devices where the license expired and then a new license was rolled out, the device might get licensed, but the UMS doesn't refresh its info. In this case, there is an easy solution!

First of all, to clarify:

  • the currently valid license is loaded in the UMS and shows under UMS Administration > Licenses > Device Licenses and/or Deployment

  • the device is online in the UMS but shows as unlicensed/license expired

  • the device itself is licensed, which can be confirmed by opening the Start Menu locally on the device and clicking About - there should be one or more green ticks here under License Information

To refresh the license info in the UMS, you can do the following:

  • Click the Scan for Devices (round radar button)

  • enter the IP address or range for the device(s) in question and then proceed

  • tick Include for the correct device(s) and proceed

This will update all the device info in the UMS and the license information should now be correct!

NB: There is also a special command which can be run by right-clicking on a device or a directory: Other commands > Refresh license information in case you prefer it. But I like to use the above method as it shows me straight away which devices are on the network, and I get more control over which ones I want to refresh.

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