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How to install IGEL OS on a Google Chromebook using IGEL OS Creator - Part 2

Written by: René Bigler, Citrix Technology Professional (CTP) & Nutanix Technology Champion (NTC)

In my last post I showed how it’s possible to run IGEL OS on a Chromebook by booting the device from an IGEL UD Pocket boot device. While this is great to run IGEL OS on a Chromebook, preserving the original ChromeOS and being able to dual boot based on changing requirements, there might be situations where you would want to convert your Chromebook hardware into a persistent mobile IGEL Thin Client booting from the internal storage of your device. Here is how to get this done. Chromebooks are designed as secure devices not being able to boot from external USB media by default and only allowing ChromeOS as their operating system. In part I (Running IGEL OS on Chromebooks – The IGEL UD Pocket approach) I showed you how to alter the firmware of your device to allow booting from USB. If we want to replace the installed ChromeOS on the internal storage with IGEL OS and automatically boot into IGEL OS without any user intervention and security prompts, we need to add a couple of additional steps. Read the entire article on Rene's blog.


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