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How to Install IGEL Cloud Gateway (ICG) with Lets Encrypt

Written by Barry Brown, IGEL Community VIP & Member of the Year 2020

IGEL Community member Barry Browne recently wrote a blog article on how to deploy IGEL Cloud Gateway (ICG) with Lets Encrypt.

“Installing the IGEL Cloud Gateway ( we will call it ICG from here on out), can be a daunting task, not because it is hard to install, it is because it relies heavily on secure certificates to be used during the install process. It is recommended to use a public Certificate Authority on your ICG, as they are trusted by most browsers out there today.

Me being so cheap, I wanted to see if there is a way I can leverage the free (trusted) certificates that are provided by Lets Encrypt. The site you are reading this post on is leveraging Lets Encrypt so we can serve all traffic securely over TLS (https://)

So, what do we need in order to get started?”

Learn more, read the entire 'Install IGEL Cloud Gateway (ICG) with Lets Encrypt' article on Barry's blog. Not an IGEL Community member? Join Today!


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