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How to: IGEL OS with Chromium Guide - Newest version

Recently, in the IGEL Community, Leon Beitsch, IGEL Community VIP, released a white paper detailing how to configure IGEL OS with Chromium. This is a hot topic, and Leon does a great job sharing the fine details on installing and configuring Chromium with IGEL OS.

Since IGEL released the new firmware IGEL OS 11.04.100 on August 5th, 2021, the Chromium browser is integrated as an experimental feature in IGEL OS. Additionally, Chromium is officially supported by IGEL since IGEL OS 11.06.100, released on September 22nd, 2021. Chromium uses a large part of the source code from the browser Google Chrome and will be provided as an open-source project. Many other browsers are based on Chromium, for example, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Vivaldi, and Brave. Google Chrome owns around 3/4 of the global desktop browser market, making it the most popular browser. But of course, there are also many other browsers that also have their raison d'etre. Nevertheless, this guide specializes in All about Chromium with IGEL OS.
I'm an IT administrator who has been configuring the Chrome/Chromium browser for a few years and since IGEL OS 11 first with a Google Chrome Custom Partition (CP) and a JSON policy file, then with Chromium and various configuration options. With this guide, I would like to share my knowledge/experiences and use it to create a guide with how-to's, tips, and tricks for working with Chromium/Chrome browser and IGEL OS. It should also be said that my knowledge is completely self-taught, acquired through reading, and learned through practical experience, so it's probably not perfect, and I'm always open to suggestions for improvement. Please don't hesitate to contact me for suggestions or if you need help with Chrome/Chromium browser. I'm glad to help with the deployment, configuration, and issues with these two browsers.

Learn more, download Leon's IGEL OS with Chromium Guide.


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