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How to: IGEL and AWS Amazon Workspaces

Written by: Barry Browne

Now that we have all settled into our new normal of working from home due to Covid 19, I thought it would be a good idea to write up how we “burst” to AWS and their Workspaces product using our IGEL desktops. Easy peasy!

There are a few prerequisites that need to be in place to ensure that this is successful.

  1. IGEL provided AWS Workspaces Custom Partition

  2. Thin client running IGEL OS 11.3.500

  3. An AWS account, with access to “spin up” AWS workspaces

Let’s get going!

The first think we need to do is get that Workspaces Workstation spun up in the cloud. This process takes anywhere between 10-15 minutes, so best that we start that process first.

Login to your AWS console, and browse to the Workspaces Service area, click on Launch Workspaces.

Read the entire article here


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