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How to Deploy IGEL OS updates with your existing SCCM infrastructure (HTTP)

Written by Jeremy Green IGEL Community VIP!

IGEL Community VIP Jeremy Green recently wrote a blog post detailing how to deploy IGEL OS updates with your existing SCCM infrastructure. This article answers a question we receive quite often. A really great post!

"One of the first big roadblocks I ran into while trying to deploy IGEL thin clients throughout our environment was trying to keep them up to date. I have quite a few remote locations with less than ideal bandwidth between them. Pushing an update over the WAN to 30+ devices would've taken hours and killed our WAN link. IGEL has a buddy update system which I looked into first (

With the buddy update, you create a list of buddy "masters" that you push the update to normally (over the WAN in my case). These masters then act as update servers for other devices on their same subnet. This worked okay, but since my remote locations utilize multiple subnets, I would've been managing multiple buddy servers. Coupled with the fact that the thin client only has so much power and can serve only a few clients at a time, this solution was less than ideal. So I started looking into other solutions such as FTP/HTTP servers."

Learn more, continue reading the post 'Deploy IGEL updates with your existing SCCM infrastructure (HTTP)' on Jeremy's blog.

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