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How to Deploy IGEL Custom Partitions via IGEL Cloud Gateway

Written by Barry Browne, IGEL VIP, Community Member of the Year 2020

IGEL Community member Barry Browne recently wrote a blog article on deploying Custom Partitions via IGEL Cloud Gateway (ICG).

"Now that we are all working remotely, we need a way to manage software upgrades on all of our endpoints. For me, the vast majority of the endpoints are running IGEL OS, so we need to be able to not only upgrade the firmware, but also the custom partitions that have been deployed. Enter the IGEL Cloud Gateway (ICG) + Amazon S3

I covered how to upgrade the OS via ICG in a separate blog post 2

For this example, we are going to deploy Microsoft Teams latest build by using some scripts found in the IGEL community GitHub repository. 1

Before we start, there are a few things you are going to need.

  1. Access to a machine running Ubuntu OS. This is needed to run the packaging script

  2. Administrative access to IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS)

  3. Access to an S3 bucket where you can upload the custom partition files that are to be deployed."

Learn more, read the entire 'Deploy IGEL Custom Partitions via IGEL Cloud Gateway article on Barry's blog. Not an IGEL Community member? Join Today!


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