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How to Create your own UD Pocket for single device use

Watch this video to learn from IGEL's Fredrik Brattstig, Technical Evangelist, EMEA, on how to install the IGEL OS on a USB stick, aka, make a UD Pocket manually.

Are you in urgent need to provide home office connectivity for you co-workers. Here is a video showing how to create a bootable USB stick containing IGEL OS, to run on your home pc/laptop for a secure connection to your company's resources cloud based or on-premises, to maintain business continuity in bad times, like now with the COVID-19 outbreak.

By registering the installation you will have a 90 day free of charge use of the NextGen Edge OS, allowing you to safely connect the corporate resources you need. Stay safe! If you need to continue using IGEL OS after 90 days, a license needs to be acquired for your device.


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